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    Overview and strategies of existing platforms

    Who are the platform kings?

    Learn more about the current platform companies and their strategies on how they are changing the markets.

    Platform economy in Germany

    What is the status in Germany?

    How do German companies
    deal with and understand the platform economy?

    Platforms change
    market rules

    How are platforms built?

    Platforms are different from
    linear and traditional business models. How can they

    change market rules?


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    How the platform economy is changing market mechanisms and business models

    Pipe vs. Platform

    In contrast to traditional linear business models, platform business models are based on interactions between demand and supply or producer and customer.

    Information economy

    Platform models analyze interaction data along information economics criteria and derive new approaches to two-sided/multi-sided markets (and network effects).

    Platform types

    Platform models are transforming markets by establishing alliances in dynamic ecosystems and focusing on the elements of transaction, innovation, and interaction.

    Dynamic ecosystems

    Platform models analyze dynamic ecosystems and define new value streams and new network effects based on complementary alliances.

    Market changes

    By leveraging dynamic ecosystems and alliances, platforms are able to model new markets and change existing mechanisms.

    Capital shift

    The establishment of new market mechanisms leads to a new platform-based market meta structure, which shifts trading venues and thus value and capital flows to the platform business models.

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