Value of top 100 platforms rises to $12.6 trillion

By Hamidreza Hosseini and Dr. Holger Schmidt

World-wide top-100 platform value grows by 40% in 2020

In the Corona Year 2020, platforms have played out their superiority over classic business models. The world's top 100 platforms have increased their total value by 40 percent between January and October to $12.6 trillion, while classic stock indices such as the Dow Jones or Dax 30 are still well below the level at the beginning of the year. The minimum value for a place in the top 100 has now risen to $6.6 billion.

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The USA continues to account for around two-thirds of the stocks. However, the greatest momentum can be observed in Asia: 30 percent of the values and 45 percent of the companies now come from the region. Many Asian platform companies are now also represented in the ranking positions behind them, primarily from B2B sectors.

By contrast, Europe's share has now fallen to 2.7 percent. Although companies such as Spotify, Adyen, or Hellofresh have developed well, they can hardly keep up with the dynamics and investment volume in other continents. As a result, the number of European companies in the top 100 has dropped to 12. In addition, the analysis of platforms in Europe shows a very low proportion of modern 3rd and 4th generation models. In this country, comparatively simple marketplaces still dominate, leaving growth opportunities from the construction of intelligent ecosystems and data utilization untapped.

The largest absolute gain this year has come from Amazon (+$604 billion), followed by Apple (+$535 billion), Microsoft, Tencent, and Alibaba. Israeli job platform Fiverr leads the ranking of relative growth. Behind it are the Chinese real estate platform Beike (KE Holdings) and Sea Group from Singapore.